Panama is a country that declared its independence from Spain in 1821. In 1903 it seceded from the Republic of Gran Colombia. In 1977 Panama managed to come to an agreement with the United States, and by the end of the 20th century, Panama would own that Panama Canal completely. It is safe to say that Panama has come a long way from a mere colony and is now one of the largest economies of Southern America. It is a country that has not forgotten its roots. It is the memory that Panama holds dear that makes traveling in Panama an absolute delight.

There are over 500 rivers in Panama, not to mention the two large oceanic bodies that surround its borders, which is the Pacific and the Atlantic. The tropical climate is something most will enjoy. Let us not forget the beaches and harbors that make Panama heaven on Earth. Panama is rather vast, but plentiful of wonders. The wonders that are calling to you for the enjoyment. Traveling by foot or bus might be a bit much, so why not rent a car? Panama rentals can accommodate any taste of speed or comfort. Imagine yourself traveling the roads of Panama in your favorite vehicle with the top down enjoying the breeze. This is what Panama wants you to remember…an unforgettable experience that Panama is certain to provide.

Aside from the natural wonders that Panama can offer it also offers a cultural experience like no other. You can visit the many villages that are still practicing ancient traditions and you can learn about them not by history books, but by actual interaction. Why is it unique the history that lives in Panama? In essence one might call the memory that Panama treasures a living memory. Panama is known for various types of festivities and festivals and they are quite welcoming, so why not drive to the nearest festival and put those dancing skills to the test. Even if you have never danced ‘salsa,’ Panamanians are anxious to invite and induct you into this fun and sensual type of dancing.

Perhaps what drives your vehicle is also the hunger for your tummy? Yes, I do mean cuisine, and Panama can offer you an array of dishes. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with some, but you will certainly love them anyway. The Panamanian tamales are actually quite special, they are not the tamales you are used to making. It is quite an exciting dish for you to try. Or perhaps you want to try the “Ron Ponche”, which is a unique mixture of eggnog and rum…it is a drink that can stand the best of them.

All this talk about history may have peaked your interest in discovering the treasures that still stand in Panama. Well, there are quite a number of museums detailing the history of Panama and perhaps you may want to visit these places? Visiting the Panama Canal is visiting a piece of history. Visiting towns like “El Casco Viejo” may interest you, as many of its buildings are hundreds of years old. “El Cerro Azul” is a wonder itself, you can walk up the mountains that reach up to 950 meters off the ground. This particular mountainous region of Panama also has quite a few exotic birds and a lagoon where you might catch a glimpse of an alligator.
Perhaps you might be interested in shopping in Panama, and buy traditional clothing such as the “polleras” to take back home. If you are interested in soccer, Panama has quite a few stadiums for you to visit which hold very exciting matches. Panama has so much to see making a vacation in Panama, a very wise decision, and one that will prove quite fruitful.

Panama was named by the settlers who arrived there during a period of the season when many butterflies began spreading their wings. It appeared that they were flaunting themselves, they began to dance with the wind and the settlers couldn’t resist calling this land Panama, which is meant “many butterflies” in an ancient, indigenous language. A place to spread your wings, and ride your vehicle to the rhythm of your own destiny is what you will find here…in Panama.