Panama is a beautiful country, found between two major bodies of water, the Pacific ocean to the south and the Caribbean Sea on its north coast. The Panama Tourist Guide offers many exciting adventures. A visit to one of our Panama tourist destination resorts is a vacation that will linger in your memory for a lifetime. Regardless of the type of adventure you enjoy, Panama will fulfill your dream. We will explore some of the exciting sites offered in Panama tourist resort destinations.

Panama City is exciting, modern and pulsating. Your adventure should begin here. We recommend a walking tour that will take you to one of the wonders of the world, the Panama Canal. This was built in 1914, and is an engineering feat with 50 locks lifting ships above sea level so they can pass through 2 lanes of historic waterway. You will be able to watch the lock system lift a ship 85 feet to the Panama Canal, then down once more to sea level. This is an exciting sight, as ships move from the Pacific to Gatun Lake, then down into the Atlantic Ocean. You may also take a boat tour to observe the ships moving through the locks, in either choice, you will be able to see the canal expansion now in progress. This is scheduled to end in 2015, when traffic is expected to triple in the canal.

An interesting adventure that architects, historians and students should not miss with their Panama tourist guide, is a walking tour in our old city neighborhoods, with plazas and palaces of days gone by, this is known as Casco Viejo.

Driving for one hour from Panama City on the coast is another historic town of Portobello. Here you may enjoy bird watching and jungle camping in addition to river tubing and hiking picturesque nature trails, before exploring the sites in unique Portobello.

One hour from Panama city is Coronado, a fast growing attractive modern vacation resort in Panama. Here you have all types of exciting adventures for tourists. You may go para-sailing, jet skiing, surfing, golfing, enjoy the spas, a state of the art equestrian club for horse lovers and an olympic size swimming pool. Another exciting adventure will be with your Panama tourist guide taking you on a scenic drive to the interesting town of Bouquete on the western side of Panama, where multiple sporting adventures can be found for singles as well as families. Adventures offered here are white water rafting, fishing in the beautiful waters, snorkling, volcanic hikes and exciting zipline and canopy tours. You may also wish to go horseback riding, take a volcanic or cloud forest hike, or perhaps go kyaking in the sea. In this area there is also a superb coffee factory, and a beautiful botanical garden.

Bouquete is known as the center for rock climbing and rappelling. With the last Baru volcanic eruption taking place some 500 years ago, lava covers the rocks in the region which have formed into basalt rock walls throughout the valley. These vertical and horizontal curves are a challenge for rock climbing adventurers, who set out to reach the top in record time.

Lets introduce you to a different type of adventure in beautiful San Blass islands off the northern coast of Panama. Although there are many resort hotels available on these islands, the most interesting adventure is having a tourist guide take you through lush vegetation in a boat for an overnight camping experience on an uninhabited island, where you might end up feeling as if you own the island. Delicious sea food is prepared for your meals, and you may visit other similar islands if you so desire. This is pure delight for nature lovers.

Soposo Rain Forest is the adventure of a lifetime for tourists who enjoy hiking, canoeing and rafting, also meeting indigenous Naso people in the mountain region of Bocas del Toro. Your guide will take you down the Teribe River to La Amistad International Park, where the Biosphere Reserve is located, this has been recognized as a World Heritage site and the largest tropical rain forest in Central America. This is an eco tour that promotes environmental technology. The Naso people operate various sustainable businesses in solar energy and organic gardens, that visitors are allowed to enjoy. The rain forest adventure is extremely popular in Panama. There are additional excursions available into the forests for visitors to enjoy the natural scenery and to watch the wildlife that include Capuchin monkeys, raccoons and parrots.

Boca Chica is an exciting resort area only one hour from the international airport. Ocean adventures in scuba diving, surfing and fishing where some of the best marine life with a variety of fish, sea turtles and dolphins are all visible from an excursion boat. There are daily charter fishing trips from the hotels. In this resort you will experience beautiful unspoiled tranquil beaches and for land lovers, horse back riding is available.

Panama is fast becoming one of the popular vacation spots in the world, the variety of glamping adventures that we have to offer are quite exciting. We aim to make your Panama tourist guide Panama tourist destinations resort in Panama, an interesting, safe and exciting adventure that you will never forget.