Typical dishes include tamales, corn dough stuffed with meat and wrapped in banana leaves, the bastard, rice with chicken, tamal de olla, a rich stew of rice with seafood, carimaolas, tomatoes and chicken in corn flour the dish called “Ropa Vieja”, the yucca empanadas stuffed with meat, in addition to the tempting fried cassava or maize and banana cooked.

Panama Typical breakfast:

Base are made of tortillas, eggs, steak or liver and onions. The national dish par excellence of Panama is the stew, a kind of stew made with various types of meat (chicken, chicken, pork and beef) and tubers varied as love, Otoe, cassava and maize. This is a plate that supports everything and takes very hot, although it may seem a paradox for the climate.

Seafood in Panama:

In Panama there are abundant seafood delicacies such as lobster, crab, and octopus, as well as fresh local fish among which are the guabina, sea bass, snapper and grouper, all prepared in many different ways , especially in the Caribbean, with coconut sauce and even ceviche.

Desserts in Panama:

The desserts are all tempting and delicious and very varied with an abundance of tropical fruits such as guava, coconut, pineapple or papaya among others. Another dessert that should not be missed is drunk the soup, a sweet prepared with soaked in liqueur and vanilla covered raisins. Also in the area of El Darien you can try a delicious honey.