When people imagine a vacation on beautiful beaches and tropical paradise, they may not realize such a perfect vacation destination is Panama. Panama is a great geographical point where North America and South America both meet, as well as the two oceans: Pacific and Atlantic. Known to be one of the top water locations on earth, Panama offers a vacation like no other. Although many people visit to check out the beautiful views and enjoy the beaches and water, there are hundreds of other fun attractions and things you can do while on your vacation in Panama. The area offers cultural fun and many once in a lifetime opportunities. Nothing screams paradise like Panama does, so there’s no question that it’s the place you should go to for a fun family vacation or a romantic getaway with your partner. Wondering where to visit in panama or what is possible to see and do while there? Check out the exciting events and attractions Panama offers in the Calendar below:

Panama is a one of a kind vacation spot. Tourists can choose from literally hundreds of different Panama attractions and sights, so they’ll never get bored. Each view is breathtaking and every little thing you do will make you love Panama that much more. No matter how old you are, what you like or where you’ve been – Panama is a place you must visit. Check out these to fun attractions and places to see when you’re there!

1.Get a great view of the the Panama Canal at the Miraflores Visitor Center:

Panama is known for its wonderful and beautiful canal. If you want to see the canal in the best possible way, visit the Miraflores center. The area features a great historical museum that has interesting interactive displays and fun things to do for children. To get a great view, you can walk up to the outside terrace and check out some of the famous old ships. It’s a peaceful way to see the beauty of Panama geography, and you can also get a delicious lunch on the terrace while taking in the beauty of the canal.

2.Visit the Metropolitan Park:

If you want to see rare wildlife in a rain forest, than visit this well known park. It’s filled with hundreds and thousands of rare, beautiful and unique animals home to Panama. Here, you’ll find an oasis of peace and nature that you won’t get anywhere else. On your hike throughout the park, you’ll spot monkeys, pacas, toucans and much more. There are four different trails you can explore and vast views of animals and wildlife scenery you can see. This is a great thing to do for those who want to have fun yet be on a budget.

3.Multiplaza Mall:

Found yourself stuck on a rainy day or wanting to spend some cash? Visit the Multiplaza Mall. With hundreds of luxurious, high end shops, this renowned shopping location is often in the Panama news and attracts people form nearby countries; a true shopper will love this giant mall. Here, you can buy souvenirs or shop for yourself throughout some of the most well known brands and stores available in one place. You’ll find luxury goods and items for a lower price than in America.

4.Go through Casco Viejo:

Casco Viejo is one of the most well known tourist locations in Panama. If you want a true cultural experience, this is the place to head. You’ll get to walk through a beautiful neighborhood that is 337 years old and get a close view of historical buildings that are still up today. There’s street vendors everywhere and exciting little attractions all throughout, making it a truly exciting and fun experience for all. You’ll find yourself absorbed by Panama’s history and fun vibe the city of Panama has at Casco Viejo.