Immerse нourself in Panama.

The Panama Canal is filled with antiquity and interesting conducts that can’t be found anyplace else in the world. Traveling to this area of the country allows a person the option to explore many wonders and to immerse themselves in the culture that makes this area spectacular. From the famous Canal locks, to the astonishments of Panama City, tourist destinations in Panama abound that international travelers should visit at least once in their lives. Here are the top sites to see when visiting the country of Panama. Check out the exciting event calendar and attractions Panama has to offer.

Panama Canal Railway

The railway is one of the most frequented stops for tourists. It originated in 1855 and has been popular since its inception. Originally, it served as a route for those who were on the Gold Rush and were heading from North Carolina to California. The Railway is an important part of the canals workings and has been for centuries. Those visiting will get to see the rainforest that surrounds this area and will get to view the canal locks from a different angle.

Soberania National Park

Soberania National Park is an ancient park that is located a short distance from Panama City. Those who enjoy bird watching will not want to pass this site by. Central American bird viewing is top notch in this area, which is filled with lush rainforests. Inside the park is the Rainforest Discovery Center and viewing the lavish green landscapes and rare tropical species is the best way to spend the day. It is said there are 400 diverse species of tropical birds that call the Soberania National Park home. Visitors and bird enthusiasts want to make sure and see Soberania in all of its glory.

Lake Arenal

Volcano aficionados can come and get up close and personal with a real volcano. The scenic views are breathtaking, as is the adrenaline rush of being so near to such a fierce force of Mother Nature. Those who enjoy outdoor sports can kayak in the lake at the base of the volcano. Other spots easily available is windsurfing and sailboarding. Imagine doing all these activities with the amazing Arenal Volcao as the backdrop in the skyline.

Sunken Ships

Many are surprised to find the Panama history is filled with prodigious pirating lore. The old ruins of Panama are called “Casco Viejo”. Tourists can sit and watch the large cargo ships, as they cruise through the canal area. How about an amazing lunch right on the Panama Canal and enjoying the amazing sites? Children and adults alike will enjoy the pirate natives and the exploring that can be done through “Casco Viejo”

Embera Village

There are many villages that still hold close their traditions, customs and morals. Embark on a magical tour in the Embera village. This remote village of Panama’s geography is full of culture and holds many ancient traditions. Learn the secrets of the people of these villages, as well as how to fish and dance their custom tribal dances. Embrace their customs and learn how native’s life, eat, work and play. This fascinating village will open tourist’s eyes to another way of life.

San Blas Islands

Those who enjoy beach towns and plenty of water sports will want to stop by the San Blas Islands. Step back in time to an area where thatched-roof huts are the common home. Within the islands is a tiny section called “Nurdub Island”. Visit the local schools and see how native children live and play. Many people called this area the picturesque archipelago. The amazing blue waters are the perfect place for those who love to snorkel or play games involving the local Emera and Kuna children. It will be an experience that a tourist will never forget. From making indigenous crafts with the locals, to relaxing in the amazing blue waters, this is a place to explore.

Sure Panama may seem like a world away, but this Central American country is something that everyone has to see and experience just once. There are many tourist destinations in panama that are perfect for the family or just a couple. Regardless of what part of the country a person decides to stay, there is an amazing adventure just waiting to be explored.